This course is a full introduction into the most important themes of Heidegger's philosophy.

In this course you will learn why death is pivotal to understand Heidegger's philosophy. 

Moreover, the course is a meditation of the memento mori - remembering that we are mortal and what this means for our being human.

Topics covered include:

Being and Time, The Event, Technology and Language.

In a nutshell, the phenomenon of death is key to understand Heidegger's entire philosophical project and the course provides an answer to the Question of Being.

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The course is based on Johannes A. Niederhauser's book on Heidegger and Death published by Springer.

Student Testimonials:

"Your teaching has brought about a profound change in my belief about the ultimate nature of things. Previously, I was a thoroughgoing materialist and empiricist. No longer. Put simply, there is something else going on which is beyond us, though we are part of it."

"Conversing with you is demanding in a good way. Thanks to our conversations I am seeing a new thinking, a different attunement emerges."

"Thanks to the time we spend thinking together, I have awoken to the wonder that there is world and meaning around us."


  • The importance of death in Heidegger and the attack on death by transhumanism

Lecture I: Being-Towards-Death

  • Covers important passages of Being and Time and other early works of Heidegger
  • Shows the beginning of Heidegger's philosophy
  • Being-in-the-world

Lecture II: Thinking of Event

  • Introduction to Heidegger's famous thinking of the event
  • The turning in Heidegger's thinking
  • The history of being
  • The significance of death to understand "concealment" and the history of being

Lecture III: Technology and Death

  • The meaning of Gestell
  • Why death is the enemy of Gestell
  • Why Gestell has to fight death
  • Finding an exit from Gestell

Lecture IV: Language and Death

  • On the relationship between human mortality and language
  • Heidegger's notion of language as the house of being
  • Poetry and poetic thinking as mortal existence

Required reading of all relevant passages will be made available to enrolled students.

Sunday Seminar Dates 2020

Always from 6-8pm London Time

1st Seminar: 28th of June 2020

2nd Seminar: 5th of July 2020

3rd Seminar: 12th of July 2020

4th Seminar: 19th of July 2020

Course Curriculum

  Introduction and Being and Time
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  Ereignis and Death
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Technology and Gestell
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Language and Death
Available in days
days after you enroll
Johannes Niederhauser

Johannes Achill Niederhauser, Ph.D.

I hold a PhD in philosophy from the University of Warwick and will soon publish my first Academic book on Heidegger.

I have been teaching internationally at Birkbeck, Warwick, and the University of Bukarest. I am now building my own Philosophy Academy.

The present course is based on my book "Heidegger on Death and Being" published by Springer

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